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Reaction to the Cost of the Calling

The cost of discipleship: death to self.

Encounter. Encourage. Engage.

magnetic forseSalt is a mineral, not a spice. True salt will always be salt. Things can taste salty from their proximity to salt but that doesn’t make them salt. Salt remains salt without compromise. If salt lost its flavor, it wasn’t salt in the first place and never had any eternal value as salt.

Jesus concludes His challenge of the crowd that follows Him in Luke 14 with a metaphor of salt and it’s saltness. He says that salt without its flavor is worthless. It’s no longer of any value as salt or as manure.

This isn’t the Jesus that we often picture with a lamb around his shoulders. He’s calling out kings and the position of royalty He is offering has great worth, but cannot be obtained from the middle ground of compromise. You’re either royalty or you’re not. There are no common kings.

What was the result? A church…

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