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The Gospel at Work in Every Context

Bold Engagement to Uncover Depth of Knowing

Encounter. Encourage. Engage.

elephant and books The best way to discover what you believe and bring depth to what you think is to get out of the classroom and into the laboratory. It’s good to study, consider and develop belief based in reading, reasoning and rationale and it’s altogether better to learn why it matters. Engagement with people and circumstances turns belief into encounter. Encounter brings context and context brings greater understanding.

I know from Scripture that:

  • Jesus is the son of God who came to restore us to the Father.
  • Adoption as sons is available through the blood of Jesus.
  • Through Him, I can be an heir and co-laborer in the Kingdom of God.
  • As a son, I don’t have to strive to provide, protect or promote myself.
  • My Dad takes care of that in His love for me.

Believing in a vacuum isn’t as powerful as knowing through experience. It’s an immature faith until…

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