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Four Reasons I am a Christian

Four reasons I am a Christian, in order of importance:

1. Jesus loves me and saves me. He answers prayer and satisfies my soul. He chose me before the foundation of the world to be adopted into his family.
2. Some of the people of Jesus live as though something bigger and more important than humanity alone resides inside of them. Even if there is no God, I want to live that way.
3. The Christian worldview, as set forth in the Bible, does not provide all of the answers to life’s deepest mysteries, but it provides more cogent answers to the most important questions than any competing worldview.
The first three are positive reasons in favor of Christianity. The final reason is a response to arguments against Christianity, which are unconvincing.
4. The arguments against Christianity that I know of usually come down to straw man or non sequitur fallacies. For instance “People who believe the Bible are ignorant about science.” Even if that were 100% accurate, it doesn’t logically follow that the Bible is not accurate in its teachings about life, death, eternity, Jesus, and humanity. So that Im not guilty of “straw-man” myself, I will say that the only substantive challenge to the Christian worldview that I know of is the argument from pain. However, the Christian answer to pain is not only sufficient and satisfying, but overwhelmingly sufficient and satisfying. The person of Christ does not promise to immediately resolve pain, but identifies with us, being the suffering Messiah, and promises his presence in the midst of pain.
All things considered, the positive reasons to follow Jesus and the unsatisfactory arguments against his worldview have consistently brought me to the place where I gladly declare that I belong to him.

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